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Pair your vision with a clear and executable strategy.

Community Engagement

A key to overcoming most challenges is building authentic and durable relationships in your community and with key stakeholders and governments. Whether your catchment area is small or large, simple or complex, we can help you build an outreach and engagement plan and help you execute on that plan, incorporating every lever necessary, from face-to-face outreach, to government official engagement to social media and print. 

We have 25+ years of engagement with local, state, federal and international government entities, successfully advocating on myriad issues and contexts. We can help you connect and communicate with the key decision makers and influencers vital to your mission. We can mobilize for crisis response, coalition building, community building, special events, reputation management, and other grassroots efforts activating a wide range of tools in your toolbox. 

Public Relations

As with any aspect of engagement, it's all about results. We're able to bring broad and diverse experience having served as the public liaison for many organizations and on a variety of issues. We can help you engage with the media, draft proactive and reactive statements, and help you earn coverage on your issue. Let us help you tell your best story. 

Media Relations

Strategic Support

Strategy is critical, whether you are dealing with emerging, ongoing, or potential issues "around the corner." We can help you develop a winning strategy that's tailored to your needs and expand your capacity to execute. We will listen to your concerns, conduct research, and outline a detailed plan that includes your goals, tactics, messages, and key decision makers.